Our Partners

iiT SourceTech

With well over 80 years of combined experience, our management team knows healthcare and extended care facilities from floor to ceiling. In an atmosphere where our clients’ success is reliant upon ever tightening government reimbursement, the credo “it’s not what you make, but what you keep” is more than a cliché. Our programs provide customers the capability to enhance their procurement power, their operational efficacy, their resident/patient outcomes, and in the process lower waste and inefficiency.


  • is a leader in software development and service. Our TechnoCare software is a fully integrated inventory, menu, reporting, and cost management suite that empowers our clients to provide better and more efficient care to their residents. This technology serves as a foundation to identify business variables, capture control, manage the results, and monitor performance for long-term, consistent success.
  • provides business and cost management tools, cutting-edge technology, and contract management to long-term care providers, nursing homes, hospitals, and correctional institutions.
  • is committed to providing our customers with solutions. Each facility is serviced by knowledgeable personnel who are intimately familiar with the client’s business.
  • provides professional, restaurant-quality dining enhancement concepts that improve the dining experience for customers’ current client base and generate a calculable edge when competing for new clientele.


Foodbuy is the largest foodservice procurement organization in North America and the sole sourcing partner for their parent company, Compass Group North America. Our partnership creates serious advantage when negotiating contracts for our members. The large volume of the Compass Group business represents a huge opportunity, even for the biggest manufacturers in foodservice.


That opportunity for them is leverage for you – leverage you could never bring to the table on your own. It helps us bring great value to our relationships with our members in healthcare, hospitality, leisure, entertainment, restaurants and more.