PFG/Reinhart Ramps Up Deliveries & Support For UFSO Members

UFSO and PFG/Reinhart, our exclusive distribution partners are working very hard to ensure UFSO locations remain fully stocked and serviced. There may be false information, originating from a small Upstate New York distributor, that PFG & Reinhart plan to stop orders this coming week due to the Coronavirus. THIS IS NOT TRUE. 

This past week, UFSO has been onboarding new members who otherwise would have experienced service interruptions. In this time of crisis, it is our intent to pull distributors together for the common good. Our tactic is never to poach another organization business during a time of crises or spread falsehoods in an attempt to gain a client. 

We strive to implement our program in any location that we can offer value, in the stride of normal business and certainly now in the pandemic situation all of us find ourselves in.  We send you this notice to correct any false perceptions being made about our distribution’s delivery schedules.  In a time when we all need to work together and, now more than ever, deal with factual information, I truly feel sorry for an organization that would resort to these tactics.  

In summary, here are the FACTS pertaining to our distribution partners delivery schedule:  

  • PFG & Reinhart have been AND will continue to be delivering.
  • PFG & Reinhart have exceeded the expectations of UFSO members by going out of their way to ensure UFSO locations receive products, including, difficult to source sanitizing chemicals.
  • The Division President from Reinhart went into the building after hours to personally select chemicals that were needed by our members over this past weekend.​​​
  • PFG worked long and hard this week setting up all the new locations that require delivery services starting this coming week. 

We are here for you, our members, to support your needs during these challenging times.  Please continue to work with your PFG & Reinhart Representative to place orders. Trucks are delivering to operators’ doors throughout all markets and will continue to do so. Together, UFSO and PFG/Reinhart continue to deliver the value you have been accustomed to receiving. 

Stay Safe & Stay Healthy!  We will get through this together with The Power of One.

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Paul Levos, CEO

Peter Levos, COO