UFSO was created to clearly delineate the line where value added ends and inflated costs begins for each of our member partners. We envision a supply chain world where our member partners can be confident they are consistently receiving the best price and value backed by industry leading quality and service. We are true to our word and always guarantee our programs for our member partners.

Hear From Our Member Partners About Their Success With UFSO

“When UFSO first started to manage our purchasing, what they uncovered that I would have never known, has given our operation value that cannot be quantified.”


David Daily – Director of Operations, Slider’s Foodmart

“We cut $200,000 out of our food buy budget in one year. When you can take 200,000 out of a food budget a year that’s incredible – it’s unbelievable.”


Gary Rosenberg – Administrator of Support Services, Carthage Area Hospital

“What UFSO analyzed and committed they would bring to our agency from a cost, quality and service perspective, they did.”


Howie Ganter – CEO, The Arc Jefferson – St. Lawrence

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