UFSO School Assistance

We have a supply solution for those schools in our communities who have successfully organized pick up points and bus deliveries to children and families in their districts, yet are now facing a lack of supply in their order fulfillments.

UFSO continues to work with our exclusive distribution partner, Performance Food Service, to ensure UFSO locations remain fully stocked and serviced.

In this time of crisis, it is our intent to pull distributors together for the common good. We strive to implement our program in any location that we can offer value, in the stride of normal business and certainly now in the pandemic situation all of us find ourselves in

Keeping our communities stocked and fed. 

  • Performance Food Service has been AND will continue to be delivering on a normal schedule.
  • Performance Food Service has exceeded the expectations of UFSO members by going out of their way to ensure UFSO locations receive products, including, difficult to source sanitizing chemicals.
  • We continue to onboard new members and Performance Food Service has worked hard to meet the needs for all new locations that require delivery services as quickly as possible. 

We are here for you, our members, to support your needs during these challenging times.

Please share this with any schools or organizations that you think would benefit from our foodservice programs in this time of need.