About Us

Our Vision

UFSO was created to clearly delineate the line where value-added ends and inflated costs begin for each of our member partners. We envision a supply chain world where our member partners can be confident they are consistently receiving the best price and value backed by industry-leading quality and service.

The Power Of One

Our Mission

UFSO represents a fresh approach to Food Service purchasing & operations by committing each individual member’s purchasing power to a single-source supplier.

By leveraging their combined resources and driving unnecessary costs out of the supply chain system our member partners are transformed into a unified leveraged purchasing chain. The benefits of membership include the contribution of ideas, the sharing of resources, the utilization of social media networking along with cooperative rebates and confidential financial benchmarking resulting in enhanced efficiency and maximized profitability. Members also benefit from real-time exposure to and understanding of up-to-date changes to State & Federal regulations.

UFSO represents its member-partners in the negotiation of cost-reducing contracts with vendors supplying food, beverage, ware washing, non-foods, and disposables. UFSO also represents member partners in leveraged purchasing of insurances, energy consumption, refuse, linen, and other like consumables and services.

Our Values


A commitment of each member partner to channel all purchases through UFSO.


Strict requirement of vendors to adhere to contractually negotiated mark up structures and minimum service requirements.


Complete transparency between member partners and supplying vendors.

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