Order Management

WHETHER YOU ARE A SINGLE UNIT OR MANAGE THOUSANDS OF LOCATIONS, a streamlined system for managing orders is One. Click. Away.  TODAY.

We’ve developed a proprietary order entry, inventory management & reporting solution that both standardizes and automates goods including broadline products, medical and office supplies. Imagine controlled order management, including approval workflows and budgeting across the supply chain all from a single sign-on platform driving uniformity across UFSO Members.

The Power Of One

Our solution drives negotiations with manufactures in our favor with existing programs as well as custom-contracting with manufacturers and service providers. This enables standardization of systems and processes that stand up to staff turnover through uniformity and ease of use across the UFSO Member’s operation.

Are you done trying to keep up with all the non-stop changes?  Rapid deployment of order guide additions and edits structures the control you’ve been waiting for and ensures maximum compliance and supply chain continuity across the system.

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