Classic Strawberry Shortcake says “HELLO SUMMER!” in any season! 


If there’s a better combination of disparate parts than the ones that come together to form this stellar strawberry shortcake recipe, please alert the media (that’s us, we’re the media). The players: fresh strawberries (macerated in lemon juice and sugar), homemade whipped cream that’s so good you may be tempted to eat it as dessert […]


UFSO Celebrates “THE FARMERS”, those who make are the heartbeat of food, 2022 spin:  The “Farmfluencer”, defined as the farmer who promotes the farming lifestyle and finds INNOVATIVE ways to promote the industry. (Examples:)  Renting out livestock to families to teach children responsibility.  Using websites to accept nutritional assistance programs and arrange food delivery.  Inviting […]

Marie Callender’s Story

Mother, Baker, Entrepreneur, and UFSO Manufacturer Partner, Marie Callender has a fascinating beginning. Marie Callender’s Story — From the time she was a little girl in South Dakota, Marie believed that the simple act of slowing down to share a meal could strengthen bonds between family and friends. Her business started with meals, then pies, […]

Don’t you just LOVE it?

UFSO Manufacturer Partner Sara Lee has your St. Valentine’s Dessert covered with its Raspberry Valentines using Sara Lee Pound Cake.

Hottest Food Trends to Watch for in 2022.

As this year draws to a close, let’s see what’s in store for 2022 from global food and restaurant consultancy Baum+Whiteman. From cooking robots to plant-based chicken, here are the highlights from their latest food and beverage trend forecast.

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