School lunch hero day

K-12 School Foodservice Directors, GET the party started for School Lunch Hero Day, May 5th, with the cool school kit here! #UCNP #EveryoneRemembersTheCafeteriaLadies 

Dear Convenience Store Owners,

Dear Convenience Store Owners, 1990 called. Said thanks for keeping it alive in your stores. Sincerely, UFSO Update your food offerings, restyle your dated store plan and GET United Retail Operators, a division of UFSO, to help YOU modernize YOUR stores — Customers will notice and so will you, on your bottom line! 

Dear School Food Service Directors…

Dear School Food Service Directors, School kids are TIRED and BORED with the same, weekly menu offerings. Sincerely, UFSO Get the kids back to loving their lunches with resources and VALUE from UCNP, United Child Procurement Division, the school bid division of UFSO.

Hey, Your Ambition called.
Said you needed to find a new job.

Hey, Your Ambition called. Said you needed to find a new job. Stop dreading Mondays. Reach out to UFSO today for employment and make it the first day of the best year of your career. Only those with AMBITION, INTEGRITY, PERSISTENCE, and PASSION need apply. Contact Beth Levos at


UFSO Celebrates “THE FARMERS”, those who make are the heartbeat of food, 2022 spin:  The “Farmfluencer”, defined as the farmer who promotes the farming lifestyle and finds INNOVATIVE ways to promote the industry. (Examples:)  Renting out livestock to families to teach children responsibility.  Using websites to accept nutritional assistance programs and arrange food delivery.  Inviting […]

Hottest Food Trends to Watch for in 2022.

As this year draws to a close, let’s see what’s in store for 2022 from global food and restaurant consultancy Baum+Whiteman. From cooking robots to plant-based chicken, here are the highlights from their latest food and beverage trend forecast.

Recipe Drop: Iced Spiced Hermits

Chewy and dark with molasses, these spicy hermits from Dorie Greenspan lie somewhere between a cake and a cookie. Featured in her newest book, Baking With Dorie, these classic New England treats are spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and black pepper. “Play around with their proportions, if you’d like,” Greenspan writes, “or include other spices that you’d […]

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