Working as a dietitian’ve heard it all before: “You are what you eat.” Precisely the reason we need good dietitians in healthcare..Is this the career of your dreams? What does it mean to be a “Dietitian”. Find out more from NHA’s video. Learn more

US ban on Russian-origin seafood

Effective Today – February 21, 2024, ALL Russian-caught seafood, regardless of where it is further processed, cannot enter the United States. Read your source labels, adjust your menus and STAY in the KNOW with UFSO! Learn more

Best of Senior Living

UFSO Manufacturer Partner General Mills has the top resources for senior living enhancements. Learn more

Taco Tuesday

Did you hear the news? The ‘Taco Tuesday’ trademark battle is officially over.

National Chocolate Cupcake Day!

“There is no better dessert than a chocolate cupcake,” UFSO’s Chief Information Officer Beth Levos. Chocolate cupcakes and Hershey’s is her winning combination! Visit UFSO Manufacturer Partner Hershey and find out how the company is working toward several ambitious goals designed to help create positive change across global environmental and social areas. Chocolate and social […]

National Taco Day!

Ole on National Taco Day!! UFSO Manufacturer Partner Mission has your tacos and tortillas ready to hold all those fresh ingredients to make your Mexican dinner night, DELICIOSO!

How to Calculate Food Cost Percentage

Check Your Math-Your Food Cost Math! Check out the Food Cost Formula: How to Calculate Food Cost Percentage from Lightspeed writer Sebastien Rankin

Are you a lifestyler?

Are you a Lifestyler? Does your lifestyle include dining in or dining out? Check out what you paid lately for both!

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