Recipe Drop: UFSO Manufacturer Partner: Sara Lee Desserts!

Shhhh, Don’t Tell! The Dessert Trick Everyone Knows but Never Tells! Recipe Drop from UFSO Manufacturer Partner: Sara Lee Desserts Turtle Caramel Cheesecake! Start with a Sara Lee New York Style Cheesecake and add your favorite toppings! This dessert is SO good, your guests will never know you didn’t make it yourself! Your secret is […]

2023 Food Service Trends To Know

Wondering how you will meet the ever changing palates of the eaters at your restaurants, facilities, kiosks, cafeterias, dining halls and campus eateries?  Click here to find out the favorite flavor trends of 2023!

Classic Strawberry Shortcake says “HELLO SUMMER!” in any season! 


If there’s a better combination of disparate parts than the ones that come together to form this stellar strawberry shortcake recipe, please alert the media (that’s us, we’re the media). The players: fresh strawberries (macerated in lemon juice and sugar), homemade whipped cream that’s so good you may be tempted to eat it as dessert […]

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