Meet the 2020 Food Management Best Sandwiches winners

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By Tara Fitzpatrick



The sandwich as an indispensable menu item has emerged this year stronger than ever: See our picks for the best sammies, straight from the creative culinary minds of top food service chefs, cooks, operators and kitchen crews.

The sandwich has always been the hero (no pun intended!) of the onsite foodservice menu, but this year it’s pretty much become a superhero, thanks to its portable nature, perfect for the grab-and-go reality we find ourselves in thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

As entries to our annual Best Sandwiches contest arrived in our inbox, it became clear that although this year has been extraordinarily difficult for the hospitality industry, alive and well are creativity, mad culinary skills and innovation between the bread.

This year, the decisions were especially tough, as each sando looked more tempting than the last! More fired-up global flavors, more veggie-forward creations, more new twists on classics than ever showed up for this year’s battle of the sammies.

We also noticed an uptick in breaded pork sandwiches (hello, schnitzel!) and cheesesteak-inspired sandwiches, and all we can say is, keep ‘em coming! The American South, Asia and Eastern Europe inspired a lot of sandwiches this year as well. While none of us can travel like we used to, at least a sandwich can take us there one bite at a time.

That handheld aspect and endless possibilities mean sandwiches are here to stay, so check out the best of onsite foodservice here.

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